The College of Pharmacy (COP) in China Medical University is comprised of School of Pharmacy, School of Cosmeceutics, the corresponding graduate programs, Master Program of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ph.D. Program for Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry, and Tsuzuki Research Center to train the pharmacy and cosmeceutical professionals who meet the society needs and advancement. In response to the continuous social development and evolution of modern medical system, COP provides both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty with diverse learning and comprehensive advanced training channels and research collaboration. Each individual program offers the complete core courses and various elective courses with unique Chinese medicine curriculum, and supplement by experimental courses and internships in the corresponding practice or internship settings, to facilitate students achieving the integration of professional knowledge and practical ability and eventually help them in line with the requirement of the time. In addition, each program also organizes the diversified extracurricular activities, e.g., field trips to learn Chinese medicine, shadowing in either Chinese and Western pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries, and overseas student exchange programs or study activities in order to foster students' empathy and expand their horizons or visions, which meet the mission of COP, “ To cultivate students as pharmacy-related professional talents with proficiency of Chinese medicine knowledge and international viewpoint and social responsibility.”